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Curbside Termination

Curbside Collection Service Termination

As you are all aware, our Company has been operating the Curbside Collection Service for dry recycling in various Suburbs and Estates in Pretoria.

As one of the main role players in Waste Management & Recycling in the City of Tshwane, we have always given it our best to contribute by saving our natural resources as well as preventing our Landfills running out of air space in our City.

Our Company have always endeavor with much effort in advertising and promoting this service to the communities through presentations to various Forums and Home Owners Associations, advertising brochures and info pamphlets, liaising with local Councilors to mention a few.

We unfortunately and after much consideration, hereby have to inform you that we have no other option as to terminate this service with the last day of collection being Saturday the 26th of January 2019.

The main contributing factors for this decision were as follow:

  1.  The current economic climate we are finding ourselves in;
  2. No support from our local Municipality and or supporting models to promote recycling in our City;
  3. No enforcement of legislation to recycle;
  4. Local Municipal Bylaws not promoting free enterprise business;
  5. The passing of the new minimum wage bill as form 1 Jan 2019;
  6.  The informal sector (trolley pickers) who “cherry pick” from the bags and removing the bulk of the valuable materials and no policing and control over this sector;
  7.  The “hi jacking” of bags by third parties and/or competitors;
  8.  The lack of participation from the communities to this service, no substantial growth shown over the years; and
  9. Continuous fuel increases over the past 18 months – with more than 30%

Due to the factors mentioned above it is just not economically viable for us to continue with this service. Hopefully in the future we will have more synergy between the private sector and the local Municipality to coordinate these kinds of projects and services.

We sincerely apologies for any inconvenience caused with our decision and once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued support and your contribution to try and make the world a better place.
We will continue with what we do at best to deliver services to our clients and continuously contribute towards a cleaner City operated within the challenges the City is facing.

If you do wish to continue contributing to recycling, we have agreed to Open Sky, another recycling Company in our City, although on a different model, to be contacted on their website at www.open-sky.co.za or phone on 083 459 9972 to do an inquiry.

All clients who joined this service and paid in advance will be reimbursed for the remainder of the month/s paid after the cancellation date as mentioned above. You will have to complete the attached document, which includes your bank details, and mail it to curbside@wastegroup.co.za so that we can process the refunds applicable.
If you have any inquiries with regards to your refund please contact our offices on 081 473 4105 or email us on curbside@wastegroup.co.za.

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