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Domestic and Garden

waste removal services
The Waste Group’s door to door


The Waste Group’s door to door waste removal services collect waste from households in suburbs, townhouse complexes, residential estates, as well as exhibits, shows or applications resulting in wet (food) organic and garden waste. Collection frequency can vary between daily to weekly.

Waste Group


Collections are done via lidded wheelie bins or plastic bags and compacted with a mobile refuse compactor. Waste is removed to the closest landfill site. Bins are automatically disposed via a loading mechanism into the vehicle ensuring hygienic removal and transportation.


Keeping to our 5R-principles, we aim to design domestic waste removal systems where the wet (food/organic) and dry (recyclable) waste is split at the point of waste generation. In practical terms, this means that we will supply two separate containers or bags or a combination thereof. Both the dry and wet waste will be collected simultaneously with our split refuse compactor vehicle if possible. Wet waste goes directly to a bio-digester or landfill site and recyclables are transported to a recycling facility for further processing.



As Municipal Waste Removal in the City of Tshwane has again come to an absolute standstill, we have our 2 privately owned landfills open for the public to do their safe disposal of waste.

Our Landfills are situated at Bon Accord, across N4 at the Wonderboom Airport offramp, and Mooiplaats, next to Sutherland Ridge in Centurion. Find us also on Google Maps.

We will accommodate all wheelie bin offloads at a rate of R50 per wheelie bin of residential waste been disposed and if in black bags with a maximum of 4 bags per vehicle. If more than 1 wheelie bin or more than 4 bags are dumped, a rate of R300 per ton will apply.

Note that these rates are for self disposal for individuals.

Please do contact our office at 012 562 0330 if you need any assistance.